Time to move

Ourbeloved little Yebelli’s Otis moved today to his new home in south of Sweden.
We wish you and your new family best of luck in the future !!!!
Here together with his new owner Ingalill.



Milton BOB & BOG´3 ,Alfta INT

My sweetheart Milton did great again at the KC All Breed INT Show in Alfta, Sweden .
Once again BOB with CAC and CACIB. This was his 10th CAC but still to young for the championtitle.
Judge was Vera Hubenthal from Norway and she also place him 3rd in the GROUP.
I´m so incredibly proud of my black beauty!!!!

Yebelli’s Millie

Milton’s sister YEBELL’S MILLIE continues siblings’ success in southern Sweden.
At The Sighthound Speciality in Tånga Hed at Saturday she got
BOB CAC  under judge Moa Persson, Sweden
BEST IN SHOW’4 Intermediate under judge Annette Bystrup, Denmark and finally
BEST IN SHOW4 In a strong competition under Italian Greyhound breeder and Sighthoundspecialist
Katrin Raie, Estonia.
Great job and big congrats
to the owner Carina Rooseniit, Gothenburg

BOB CAC Yebelli’s Millie
BOS Multi Ch/winner Qvickelyckans Silvano


Such a great day !!!!!!!

The Success continued at The Swedish Sighthound Speciality , 19/6-16
Judge for today was Sighthoundspecialist Roberto Posa from Switzerland.
BEST IN SHOW Intermediate
and in a very big competion

Nordic JW-15
Thanks to the judge Roberto, Posa, Switzerland from a proud breeder, owner and handler.
Thanks Yvonne Mukkavaara for the photos.
Thanks Therese Larsson for your help in the ring.

BOB CAC     Nord JW-15 SBIS Yebelli’s Milton
BOS CAC    Yebelli’s Nike
Thanks Therese Larsson for your help.

BEST IN SHOW’4      Nordic JW-15 SBIS Yebelli’s Milton

BEST IN SHOW Intermediate      Nordic JW-15 SBIS Yebelli’s Milton

Junior BEST IN SHOW’4 Yebelli’s Nike

Yebelli’s succes in Vännäs

Vännäs KC All breed Nat. 160618
At a very rainy dogshow we had a great success!!!!
My handsome young boy won
BOB CAC Nord JV-15 SBIS Yebelli’s Milton
First time out for my beauty juniorbitch Nike,  and she makes me so proud
BOS CAC Yebelli’s Nike
BM’3 Nordic Ch Yebelli’s Kharim
Judge was the  Sighthoundspecialist  Beatrix Maerki Casanova , Schweiz.
Despite of the weather I don’t stay for the finals.
Thank you so much for the nice words of my dogs.

Yebelli’s Otis is born

A black beauty is born. Kharma gave birth to a son 2/6-2016.
His name is Yebelli’s Otis.

Welcome to contact me if you are interested in a handsome
black guy without white markings.
Possibly he can be available for the right person.

Father, the stunning black beauty from France
Extreme Kiss Du Domaine de Chanteloup
Sighthoundclub junior winner-14,
Swedish Junior winner -14
Yebelli’s Kharma

Milton in action

NORD JV-14 Yebelli’s Milton is not only a great showdog, he can run very fast and technical also.
Soon ready to start competing at LC.
Photo Irene Holmsten.

Millie BOS

Great success for the grey beauty Yebelli’s Millie at the KC all breed INT Show in Hässleholm in May.
BOS CAC CACIB under judge Karl- Erik Johansson.
Big congratulations to the owner Carina Rooseniit.


Milton BOB

Great success again for my little boy Nord JV-15 SBIS Yebelli’s Milton
BOB and CAC at The Swedish Sigthound speciality in Sundsvall 9/4-16
Judge was Åge Gjetnes, Norway.
The day after at The Swedish KC All Breed Show he got once again CAC and
ended up Best Male’2 under judge Livija Zizevske, Litauen


I’s so happy and proud of my little beauty Yebelli’s Nike, almost 8 months.
Once again BEST IN SHOW puppy!!!
This time at The Swedish Sighthound Speciality in Sundsvall.
Thanks to the judge Åge Gjetnes; Norway who really like her and had so nice words to say about her.
photo Randi Juliussen